How To Wear Plaid And Camo

It’s the fall season and my favorite time of the year. Fall seasons you are able to dress better, you can wear your clothing and feel so free not having to deal with the heat in the summer.

I also love to do my makeup and change my hair quite often in the fall winter season because everything seems so much more put together and you can style your closet with garments and layer them.

I love camouflage and plaid and it’s such a great time to pull them off. My camo lightweight jacket it’s so good for right now especially that it’s still nice and cool and hoodies are great for those days that are rainy and misty , it has all the right amount of pockets just to keep my lipgloss and my car keys in when just walking about.

Plaids shirts are so nice, you can style them in so many ways wherever for street style or with stilettos it makes an interesting and chic outfit. I love pairing them with black jeans or thick tights of quality, it would look amazing just with your high boots or ankle boots.

I love to throw a little match handbag to balance out my clothing that I wear, but for me sometimes it’s different with each outfit, but you can make it your own and work with what’s in your closet , you don’t have to buy a new piece everyday to pull of a great cute outfit , there are things that you can find that you already own.

Hope this was helpful