Life Meet Style

The smallest step in the right direction can turn out to be the biggest step of your life.

Alot of people asked me how i started my boutique and the answer to the question is just start.

I was always into fashion and beauty from a very young age while growing up in Jamaica. My grandmother was and still is a fashionista. My grandmother had all these high disco heels shoes that i used to try on and walked around the house with. At that time i used to admire how my grandma dressed so beautifully and classy, I watched her style her hair and I caught on to her fashion.

At about 7 years old I was braiding the neighborhood childrens hair using a pressing comb to straighten it. Of course our parents weren’t happy with that, but I was just doing something that I knew I liked to do. I had my dolls and I used to style their hair and make outfits for, not knowing that fashion and beauty was not only a passion for me but a career as i got older.

For many years as i got into my tween/teen years i was doing every family members hair for free. Of course I didnt mind because, i was just happy to play in someones hair. HAHA I was telling people how to put an outfit together thinking back then it was so much fun.

As I got older and migrated from Jamaica to New York in my mid teens it didnt take me long to figure out what I wanted to do as a career. I went to high school and I actually had 2 other career paths I wanted. I studied accounting in high school and i wanted to become a lawyer because i could talk and i knew i was smart enough to become one. After leaving high school i sat around for the summer not sure what to do with my life until there was a commercial on television about a beauty schoool, and thats where it all started. As i go along in my future blogs I will talk more about my cosmetology career but its about how I started a boutique.

To be a fashionista I would say is knowing what to wear not only because its cute but because it fits your personal body type. You must breathe, eat, and smell fashion and it should consume parts of your life.

I started my boutique because I love fashion and I love to shop so it became natural. I’m a shoe addict and I find I would purchase shoes faster than a piece of clothing because its easier to find a piece of clothing to match with your shoes. I was just buying shoes daily from this designer store that was close to my home , i was buying 5 -10 pairs of shoes in my size almost everyday and i was just stacking the boxes in rows until they touched the ceiling.

One day I was laying in my bed looking into the rows of shoe boxes stacked there and i said to my husband, how about us opening a boutique in Jamaica. After discussing the idea it was time to really rev things up. I would ship containers with hair pieces/wigs, cosmetics, costume jewelries and clothing to Jamaica. Then I would stop by beauty salons, bars, banks, anywhere I saw a gathering of people and sell things from my rental car. After i started to see growth and build a client base i thought it was time to finally find a location and as they say the rest his history.