Why I Named Boutique Rodeo Kouture And How I Designed It.

I already had done my research and knew everything I wanted the boutique to be about. I originally had a name for it from my salon so I wanted to continue with that original name. But as I was getting all the business paperwork’s ready. I wasn’t able to use the name I had already established. Because there were other names similar to what I had in mind.

I knew that I wanted to design it not only to please myself but also that the customers would be happy while shopping and the staff would also feel comfortable. As I always say I want my customers to enjoy every moment.

I had to get back to the drawing board and figure out other names that would match my personality. And to still give the vibes as to the kind of products I was selling and the customers that I wanted to attract.

I start to research for names that I wouldn’t find in Jamaica so I found 10 and all of them either had to do with a city, town, state, names of magazines. I knew I wanted it to have the Kouture but spell with a K. I just had to come up with something that was going to sound high end.

After narrowing down to 5 I knew I was getting somewhere. Then I asked opinions on some of the names. I got my husbands daughter who lives in California, and we came up with Rodeo like Rodeo Drive.

That was it. I officially and tirelessly found the right name. I do pronounce it with an accent over E and O.

I thought of all the colors and how I wanted it to look and to attract . So I did a lot of research on designs for boutique and found the one that just couldn’t leave my mind. The vision started to become real with my spin to it.

I chose pink, black, white, silver as theme colors. Pink is my favorite color and that it would be such a soft color and delicate color and it would be pretty.

I had all my furnitures made in Jamaica. Because it would’ve been too expensive to buy here in America and the quality that I wanted and then I would have to spend lots of money to ship them and also custom fees.

In this case I was able to have some control over the type of materials I was buying. To be sure I got what I wanted to use .I wanted the furnitures to hold up. Because i had a lot of merchandise and needed something to last me for years.

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