Working As A Makeup Artist Skin Care And Beauty Advisor

Happy Friday! It’s been awhile that I haven’t post anything. Because of my job and also shopping for my boutique in Jamaica. It’s the holiday seasons coming up and I was trying to gather my merchandise to ship overseas.

But now that I finally had the shipping company came and picked my containers of merchandise I can hopefully try to focus more again on blogging.

Working as a makeup artist and skincare advisor it’s such a great privilege to meet so many wonderful people every single day. Beauty is not only outside but beauty is better within.

I love what I do both in fashion and beauty, because you get to see the products first and all the new things you can try everyday.

I get to try out all the newest makeup and skincare products everyday and it’s always fun doing so. The best part is all the goodies you go home with.

I can never keep all of the products I received. So I usually gift them to friends and families.

You get to use some of the most top notch products that’s out there on the market. And give my honest opinion on what I like and what I don’t like. I don’t lie to customers because if a product doesn’t work for me I won’t push it on someone. Unless it’s someone that’s already using their products and they’re comfortable with it.

Glitter season is in for the holidays and it’s time to bring out the sparkles . Anastasia is my go to for these finely milled glitter that I’m in awe about. And lately I’ve been OD on glitter.

Here are some of my looks that I created .